What started out as a US Marine wanting to go on a walk to spread the word and educate people about veteran suicide, has rapidly evolved into so much more than anyone could have imagined!

Our goal is for SAVE22 to sponsor programs in every state of our great nation. We recognize this is an ambitious dream, however our team of veterans is highly motivated and driven beyond measure. By 2020, SAVE22 aims to employ a full-time staff of administrators who can dedicate every day to outreach and research.

Active and upcoming SAVE22 programs:

Ranger Rolls

Provide homeless veterans with a sleeping pad, warm clothing articles, and basic hygiene items during the cold winter days.

Veteran Aid

Provide veteran families who are struggling financially with a new avenue of help. Included in this program are financial aid and professional financial planning.

Ranch Riding

Provide veterans with equine assisted therapy consisting of a day, weekend, or week long camping at a ranch in eastern Ohio with a very relaxing atmosphere. Brotherhood and guidance through group and individual therapy are roles in the therapeutic intervention.

Home Rehab

Provide labor and material for veterans’ homes which are in dire need of updates to accommodate inhabitants.

Veteran Outreach

Visit Ohio Department of Veterans Services offices to introduce ourselves and inform them of services SAVE22 can provide. Visit surrounding colleges to assist veterans with the transitions they will go through. Visit VFW, American Legions, police departments, rehab facilities and other establishments to spread our word, awareness, common goals, and offer any support we can.

Save22 Village

Construct a community of micro-homes, or bunkhouse style housing, with fully functioning facilities where we can provide shelter and assistance to homeless veterans. This program will include medical screening and mental health evaluations/assessments completed upon intake. Once the needs of each veteran are identified, medical professionals will be able to further assist them in the direction which suits the individual. This village will ideally be located on a functioning farm where residents will grow crops, raise livestock, and operate equipment to maintain the grounds. These along with other responsibilities for the residents are all in the planning.

Event Planning

Host events including the SAVE22 Annual Veteran Suicide Awareness Hike, concerts, and camping trips. Once SAVE22 employs a full-time staff of administrators, the plan is to host awareness and fundraising events for every month of the year. The list of possible events is virtually endless.

The future of SAVE22 will continue to grow daily. By remembering why we are doing all of this, we will carry on our mission of ending veteran suicide and helping better the veteran community in any way possible.