What started out as a US Marine wanting to go on a walk to spread the word and educate people about veteran suicide, has rapidly evolved into so much more than anyone could have imagined!

Our goal is for SAVE22 to sponsor programs in every state of our great nation. We recognize this is an ambitious dream, however our team of veterans is highly motivated and driven beyond measure. By 2020, SAVE22 aims to employ a full-time staff of administrators who can dedicate every day to outreach and research.

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Active and upcoming SAVE22 programs:


SAVE22´s Golf Outing program provides veterans with golfing at various courses offering them the opportunity to simply relax and enjoy the day with other veterans.


SAVE22 offers a Fishing program with charters to Lake Erie offering veterans several options throughout the year to experience a day on the waters.


From motocross to circle track racing, the SAVE22 Motorsports program incorporates this to offer something for everyone. We are currently working with several teams, including NHRA and NASCAR, to allow special access and a unique perspective.


SAVE22 offers a casual hike a few times a year with a small group of veterans with the focus being on teamwork and communication.


We have started art therapy programs in conjunction with local Art Centers for those looking to express themselves through drawing, painting and other projects.

Outsourced Programs

SAVE22 has aligned with several other non-profits and organizations offering forms of therapy including equestrian and motorcycle rides.

Event Planning

Host events including the SAVE22 Annual Veteran Suicide Awareness Hike, concerts, and camping trips. Once SAVE22 employs a full-time staff of administrators, the plan is to host awareness and fundraising events for every month of the year. The list of possible events is virtually endless

The future of SAVE22 will continue to grow daily. By remembering why we are doing all of this, we will carry on our mission of ending veteran suicide and helping better the veteran community in any way possible.