Excel Alabama

Date of Birth: 1986-02-13
Date of Passing: 2011-03-23

Brandon went in the Marine Corp right out of high school. The next year after boot camp he was attached to 3/2 in Jacksonville NC. They were deployed to Iraq right away. On March 21st 2005 they were on patrol and attacked by a suicide bomber therest I am going to copy and paste from the Doc in the field.

❤Chad drove, Kevin was in the turret, Brandon was Left rear seat and Lamondo was right rear.

Kevin died instantly, Chad’s left shoulder dislocated and his arms were burned from the elbows to hands, Brandon’s left arm was shattered and almost torn off. Brandon was staggering trying to take his flack jacket off when I reached him. He was in shock but on his feet looking for a fight!

Chad and I grabbed Brandon before he could get his flack His arm was only attached by about 2-3″ of tissue. If Chad and I didn’t stop him, his arm would have fallen off when the weight of the flack hit it.
Lamondo was hit in the left shoulder blade by shrapnel. If he had been sitting any other way, it would have ripped through his neck. ❤I’ll never forget kneeling down with Chad on Brandon’s left and I on his right. Chad opening up the CLS kit as I assessed his injuries and gave him an injection of Morphine to stop his pain.
Even when we ground med evacuated, riding in an open back truck, hauling ass through known land mine fields and IED zones, Brandon was laughing. He was laughing because every time I went to stick the IV in him, we’d hit bumps on the road, etc. I remember getting 1 chance when the Marines said DO IT NOW DOC! We had about 200′ of smooth road and I got him. The shit we would laugh about. I love all my MARINES from back there.

God bless
Dean Webster

Brandon was my son, my heart. He was found dead 6 year and 2 days after in a boarding house overdosed on VA prescribed drugs. He just couldn’t take it anymore. He loved dogs his Marine brothers and his nephew. And I was blessed to have been chooser to be his mom. I miss him everyday.

❤March 23, 2011 Brandon Was found dead in a boarding house exactly 6 years and 2 days after the bombing. He had overdoes on numourous medications given to him by the VA He was one of the sweetest funniest people I know… he loved animals ..his nephew..and his mama and I loved him more then words.