Concord, Michigan
Army Date of Birth: 1982-09-25
Date of Passing: 2018-02-10

Brent Alva Rimer Jr was born in Jackson Michigan on 9/25/1982 at 7:55pm  One of the two most wonderful times in my Life???? 

His Life wasn’t perfect growning up But he always smiled and made everyone around him Smile …He was involved in Sports from T-ball to High School Football ..

He Talked about joining the Army from a Young age…He seen His Grandfather’s picture from When he Served and his Uncle also served..As Did I ( his Mother)

Was was SPC E4 13B10 Cannon Crew member with the 1-41 Field Artillery BN BTRY A FC Stationed a Ft Stewart Georgia from 1/30/2001 to 1/30/2004 previously to this he Served in the Michigan National Guard in Albion Michigan.

Brents first duty station was over Seas at Camp Casey in North Korea he served one year there.

And then was stationed at Ft Stewart where they were activated to serve in The beginning of the Iraq Freedom War from 1-21-03 to 7-21/03  with the 3RD ID From Ft Stewart…

Brent’s First Son was Born while he was at War …

Upon Brent return the first time I seen him the distant look in is eyes was there already and it put fear in me…For years to come it was a Battle to keep him alive..When he ETS out of the US Army it was hard from the beginning trying to get help from The VA or anyone… Unfortunately the VA kept giving Brent different medications and adding more and more till he was lost…And never found his way back…He lost an infant Daughter and his Battle Buddy who served in the War with him.  

I tried to contact his until to tell them about him but got no response most likely because it’s been so long since he was stationed there. 

Brent brought the War home with him and lived it for 14 years over and over again with flashbacks and survivors guilt until it was too much to handle on 2-10-2018 at 0046 am Brent died by a gunshot …

He left behind five children Felicity Rimer 17 

Andrew Rimer 14, Lily Rimer 13, Erica Rimer 5, and William 3

He has three Sisters Mary Rimer, Brooke Jennings and Taylor Rimer.

Iam his Mother I Served  in the Michigan National Guard , Army Reserves and active Duty at Ft Hood Tx non War Veteran..