Damian's Story

My name is Damian, and I represent the battles veterans fight within themselves on a daily basis. You see, I have been programmed into their way of life, making them feel anxious, angry, alone and even violent. I am there when they close their eyes, I am there when they are alone and I am even there when they are surrounded by loved ones.

I may remain hidden for many years or jump on my prey at a moment’s notice. I may force veterans to drink, use drugs and even take a veteran to the darkest of places.

I am part of the veteran and will never leave them.

How We Fight Back

Damian represents suicide, and he doesn’t care who you are. He has the ability to take any one of us at any time if we let him. In the SAVE22 family, we provide support and resources to help fight against Damian and the demons he represents. We reach out to veterans using a common core set of values we all learned while serving in the military:

, Save22

I am part of the veteran and will never leave them.


Our ethical and moral center, comprised of honesty, honor, good character, equity, truth, sincerity and trust.


The process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially concerning self-control and self-reliance. At SAVE22, we want to provide each veteran the ability to fight back and reclaim his or her life.


SAVE22 began in a small town, and we have a huge sense of community. We are involved in several local organizations. We will always remain grounded, remembering where we began, and focusing on giving back.


A mindset that the team is greater than the individual, and the mission is dependent on every team member doing his or her job. SAVE22’s board and advisors live by this, and we always conduct ourselves in this manner in order to prevent veteran suicide and provide outreach for those in need.