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Family weekend



SAVE22 hosts or participates in events that benefit our non-profit and help us reach more veterans, active duty, first responders and their families. Click to find an event in your area and show your support.


SAVE22 strives to reach as many veterans, active-duty personnel, first responders, and adjacent family members as possible. We welcome the opportunity to offer awareness, prevention, and outreach to communities and we do our best to meet the needs and requests of the organizations that reach out to us.


If you would like SAVE22 to be represented at an event, please fill out the request form at under the events tab. Minimum 30 days’ notice.



LEVEL I – Small space, indoor


10×10 space or larger


SAVE22 will provide information and small merchandise selection. A minimum of two representatives will be on-site.


MC-1, if available, may be on site in parking lot as storage for merchandise and as advertising.



LEVEL II – Medium space, outdoor


20’x30’ minimum space – MC-1 will need space to maneuver, raise a flagpole, and unhook trailer. Truck can then be parked outside of event area.


No overhead powerlines.


Enough space behind merchandise trailer to set up a small canopy for peer-to-peer counseling and quiet area. This is an essential service we provide.



LEVEL III – FULL SET-UP  (our most requested!)


30’x100’ space – Full MC-1 display and set-up. Enough room to maneuver, raise flagpole, and canopies for peer-to-peer counseling and quiet time. This is an essential service we provide.


No overhead power lines.



Do you have an event planned that you would like to have SAVEE22 at? We would like to hear from you. Contact us so we can discuss the details. 30 days notice is required.