SAVE22 has held an annual hike since 2016 to raise awareness to the 22 veterans a day who take their own lives. The purpose of the hike is to allow everyone to honor their loved ones, whether it has been a loss or a survivor, and to raise awareness to others fighting their demons have someone to turn to. The veteran, first responder, and local communities come together each year to give their support and sometimes the closure many have been looking for. The SAVE22 Hike also has many resources for those looking for help fighting the demons.

Tom’s Story

“What started out as a Marine wanting to take a walk”

Tom Indorf, SAVE22

2016 – SAVE22’s 1st Deployment

2017 – SAVE22’s 2nd Deployment

2018 – SAVE22’s 3rd Deployment

2019 – SAVE22’s 4th Deployment


2021 – SAVE22’s 5th Deployment

2022 – SAVE22’s 6th Deployment

2023 – SAVE22’s 7th Deployment