Butte, MT
National GuardDate of Birth: 1994-09-07
Date of Passing: 2015-08-03
Specialist Justin Qualls was one of the most young caring men I have ever known. From the time he was born he brightened up our lives with his beautiful smile. He was my baby boy. He loved to laugh. Justin loved the outdoors. Fishing, hunting and just being outside. He was very family orientated. Justin joined the Montana Army National Guard when he finished high school at 18. Justin got married at 19 to his 17 year old girlfriend. They were together for 31/2 years when they married. He wanted to be a dad. They had a beautiful baby boy in March of 2015. He was his whole world, the love of his life. Justin was very proud of his family. And I was very proud of him. He worked a full time job plus did his duties to the National Guard. Justin took his life on 8-3-15. No one seen this coming. He left behind his wife and 5 month old son and a lot of family who loved him very much. His wife was devastated and felt it was her fault because they got into an argument. On 8-25-15 she turned 18 on their 1 year anniversary . She ended her life on 8-26-15 to be with her soulmate. Their son will have to grow up without them. Suicide sucks.