East Islip, NY

Date of Birth: 1993-01-22
Date of Passing: 2015-09-01

Keith always had a good heart and felt empathy and compassion towards anyone who was hurting. He was the first one to jump in and lend a helping hand or an ear to listen to anyone who needed to talk and/or vent. He was wise beyond his years and gave good sound advice. If you were having a bad day he would do something silly to get you to laugh and to put you in a better mood. Keith was exceptionally intelligent. If you told him he couldn’t do something or figure it out, he would prove you wrong which did not take long for him to do. He loved music, video games, his Fatboy Harley, his friends and his family. Not any one of his family or friends knew that Keith was struggling with invisible demons. He hid it from everyone. I think the reason my son was so passionate about helping others is because he did not know how to help himself. I wish he would have opened up to allow his family and friends to help him with his struggles and overcome his demons. Forever loved and missed.