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Tom Indorf is a proud United States Marine serving on active duty from 1995 – 1999. While on active duty, Tom served with 1st BN 8th Marines.  During that time Tom served overseas on a Mediterranean deployment and participated in three world operations, Operation Joint Guard in Bosnia, Operation Silver Wake in Albania and Operation Guardian Retrieval in Zaire.  Tom earned a Humanitarian Service Medal for the evacuation of U.S. citizens during Operation Golden Retrieval.  After returning from deployment Tom was then sent to 1st BN 10th Marines to finish his remaining time on active duty.

Since returning home to Carrollton, Ohio Tom has struggled to adapt to civilian life and has been fighting his own demons from time to time.  In late 2015 Tom was researching on the internet about his problems and seen that there was more military brothers and sisters struggling just as he was and was alarmed at the rate of Veteran suicide.  Twenty-Two Veterans commit suicide each day, Tom saw those statistics and began a new mission to Veterans by raising awareness to this epidemic and decided it was time for him to stand up. Tom planned a hike for May of 2016 and enlisted the help of Jason, Nick, Marsha and Albert that later formed SAVE22.

Now Tom dedicates all of his free time to Veteran outreach and Raising awareness for the many programs SAVE22 has running while developing new programs and ways to reach out and help more Veterans across the globe.  Tom speaks at events, Schools, Churches, club Meetings or anywhere he is asked.  These speeches are a major passion of Tom’s and helps him deal with the demons that he faces, giving him direction and hope for a better and brighter future that he wants to share with the world.


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Albert Woodin is a Disabled Veteran of the United States Air Force. After training at Lackland AFB, Texas and Ft. Dix, NJ. Albert was attached to Tactical Air Command and the 836th Security Forces stationed at Davis-Monthan AFB Tucson, Arizona. While stationed at DMAFB Albert was assigned to the Elite Guard section and worked in Security Forces when not performing Elite Guard duties.

During Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm Albert was assigned to King Fahd Air Base Dhahran, Saudi Araba in direct support of the Patriot Missile defense system and providing protection to the coalition flying force missions and ground defenses.

After Albert received his honorable discharge he moved back to his hometown Magnolia, Ohio. Albert then started a career in heavy equipment operating and eventually overhead crane construction and repair.

Albert is heavily involved with community serving on the Village of Waynesburg Council as President of council, founding board member of the Mohawk Valley Joint Fire District, and member of the Sandy Valley High School Athletic Booster Club.

Albert graduated with honors and holds degrees in Business Management and Sports Management.

Albert was approached by Tom Indorf and Jason Rutledge in late 2015 about creating an advocacy group for Veterans fighting demons and suicide. Albert quickly joined and was assigned the role of Vice President of SAVE22 when the Executive Board was established in 2016 and now serves as President of SAVE22.

Albert and the newly formed Executive Board, along with its board of advisors, quickly went to work to hold their first SAVE22 Hike in May of 2016. Albert, along with SAVE22, has established many new programs and received grants for Veterans and families in need.


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John (Sasquatch) Gallon served two years Active Duty for the US Army as a truck driver.

John, a lifelong resident of Carroll County is also a lifelong friend of Tom Indorf. John has been involved with SAVE22 since the initial hike, serving as hike support originally. 

In 2019, John became Vice President of SAVE22 and is committed to the mission, seeing the results of everyone’s efforts over the years.


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Nicholas (Nick) Trussell served as a Builder (BU) in the United States Navy Seabees. After completing Builder ‘A’ School in Gulfport, MS in February 1998, Nick was stationed with Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 40 in Port Hueneme, CA. It was in NMCB 40 that he expanded on the construction basics learned in ‘A’ School, such as heavy timber bridge building and skilled carpentry. His service with NMCB 40 included a deployment to Rota, Spain.

When he was approached by Tom Indorf late in 2015 to help create an advocacy group for veteran suicide awareness, Nick was faced with the realization of the gravity of the issues fellow veterans face every day. Without hesitation, Nick joined with Jason Rutledge, Marsha Alexander, Albert Woodin and Dave Miller in agreement to help Tom lay the foundation of the organization that became SAVE22 Veterans. Nick became the Secretary of the organization once roles were established for the group, then served as Treasurer and is now serving as his original role as Secretary.

Then, after the success of their first SAVE22 Veteran Suicide Awareness Hike in May of 2016, the organization gained traction in its goal to fight for the well being and to affect positive change in the lives of of veterans of the United States Armed Forces.



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Jason (Hacker) Rutledge is a Disabled Marine Combat Veteran with just under 7 years of Active Duty.  Enlisting as an Engineer and spent the first full year of enlistment at Camp Hansen in Okinawa, Japan.  When the war in Iraq started in 2003, Jason crossed the border from Kuwait into the hazards of combat.  During this time he transitioned from Engineering to Intelligence and began working immediately to hone his skills.

After receiving an Honorable Medical Discharge from the Marine Corps in 2006, Jason earned an Associate’s degree in Computer Forensics and Cyber Security as well as a Bachelors of Intelligence with a concentration of Low Intensity Conflict/Special Operations.  In 2009 Jason volunteered to return to Iraq once more as a contractor based at Al Asad Air Base, Iraq to support the Military components providing Operational Intelligence.  After a short break, Jason accepted a contract in 2011 to support the military in Afghanistan, traveling to several bases throughout the country and spending the most time at Camp Leatherneck.  The last deployment in 2013 as a government contractor was to support specialized units as a member of TFAN (Target Focused, Analysis and Neutralization).  During this deployment, FOB Gamberi is where Jason called home until he returned to his family.

After receiving a call from Tom Indorf at about 11:30 one night where he said to me, “I have an idea and I need your help!” and with no hesitation Jason accepted.  What started as a walk through Carrollton, OH has led to bigger and better programs to help support our Veterans in more ways.  Jason, originally serving as President, and then Executive Director, now serves as an Advisor of SAVE22.





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Riley was approached by Albert Woodin, Tom Indorf and Jason Rutledge in December of 2015 to join SAVE22 as an advocate. Riley does not have military service but several members in his family have served. Riley felt an obligation to give back to them and the military community.

Riley started with SAVE22 as an advocate setting up and running the organizations social media. In January of 2017 Riley was asked to step and take on more responsibility and was named Director of Media Relations. In January 2018 Riley was asked again to take on more and became the Director of Media Relations and Marketing. Riley works closely with all the board members to effectively promote SAVE22.

Riley is currently employed with WCBD News 2 in Charleston, South Carolina.