Melbourne, Florida
ArmyAfghanistan Iraq

Date of Birth:
Date of Passing: 2016-08-28

My son retired in 2014 with 20 years of service. He was doing great. He took a job with AT&T. He loved his daughter Emma very much. He also had 3 stepchildren that he adorned too. He treated them like they were his own. He had a large tattoo on his arm of all 4 of them.when his family began to break up the stress was a lot on him.that faithful day on a Sunday morning I was talking to my son on the phone and he talked with his sister too. He both told us that he was at peace. Who knew that evening he would be found by his oldest stepdaughter. The woman that he lived with was fooling around on him and my son was still in the house.he was a hard working man and a good person. He deserved better.she broke his spirit and his family.