From doodles on a scrap of paper to dynamic details on a giant canvas of your choice; art has long been a source of comfort, relaxation, and expressive therapy for the mind, body, and soul. SAVE22’s art program requires nothing more than paper, pencil, and patience. Art is a safe way to express yourself in a multitude of creative ways.

Beyond teaching traditional Art fundamentals, we want to show how Art can be a positive outlet. No matter the skill level, Art can be a great way to express yourself and let everything out in a positive and productive way. The Art Therapy program will show you how to use Art to express your thoughts and emotions on paper when words are not enough or even too hard to find. 

Program Director Andrew Burgan has a natural artistic talent and is self-taught across several artistic mediums however, his go-to is sketching with simple pencil and paper that are always handy. He is willing to share his own personal experience with the healing and calming qualities of art therapy and the peer-to-peer connections of SAVE22.

Want to color your world with Art? Apply here for our Art program.