Freshwater or saltwater… pick your flavor. Do you prefer the challenge of Lake Erie walleye or the coastal Carolina’s treats of flounder, red drum, and more? No matter which is your preference, there is no denying the magic of bringing home dinner after a day spent on the water. There’s just something special about sand, sun, and surf. (Let’s face it, those who know Lake Erie, we know those waves can sometimes feel like they rival Hawaii and Australia! LOL!)

Lake Erie –  Top Flight Fishing Charter is a SAVE22 partner and provides an amazing six-hour charter for up to 6 people. Top Flight Fishing offers some of the best Lake Erie fishing charters in the walleye capitol of the world. They are a multi boat charter specializing in Lake Erie walleye, steelhead, and jumbo yellow perch fishing. They follow the migrations and operate out of different marinas accordingly.

North Carolina –  Tideline Charters and owner Tim Disano is our coastal partner. Located on the North Carolina/ South Carolina border, Tideline Charters offers many options, as well as everything you will need. Licenses, top of the line tackle, and all safety equipment are ready and waiting for you to explore inshore tidal creeks, inlets, sounds, and near shore shipwrecks.

Fancy an adventure of Fishing? You can apply here to volunteer in some aquatic fun!