Nature Activities


Weekend camping trip

June 9 - June 11

, Nature Activities Program, SAVE22

If fresh air and sunshine do wonders for the body, then a campfire is cathartic to the soul. Our camping and hiking program will give you a chance to enjoy nature in multiple settings. Oftentimes, a couple hours of quietly walking trails and absorbing the sounds of nature are all a person needs. Other times, it may require silently staring into the undulating colors of a campfire flame as the nighttime chorus lulls you to sleep. Being in nature, even if it is just sitting on a park bench, is proven to lift the spirits and help clear the mind.

Relaxing walk-and-talk’s, overnight camping, outdoor skills, beginner foraging, beginner flora and fauna identification, primitive cooking, and more, are the possibilities with this program. We welcome your feedback and suggestions. What would you like to experience?!

The SAVE22 Nature Program mentors are avid outdoorsmen and are open to suggestions. Currently this program focuses on Ohio, West Virginia, and western Pennsylvania’s natural areas. However, we are always looking to expand.

If you have a knack for nature and want to join us, apply here.