Gilbert, AZ

Date of Birth: 1988-11-07
Date of Passing: 2016-05-01

Eddie was going to school to get his diploma for accounting before he passed. As a child Eddie defended the innocent. He would stand up and defend the children that he knew were being bullied at school. He was athletic and played every sport he could depending on the season. He played football until he graduated high school. Eddie wanted more than anything to have a family of his own. If I could described Eddie, I would have to agree that my son loved to live over the edge and was not scared to take up challenges. I am a proud parent of a Brave Fallen Soldier, Eddie was a selfless person that served his country proudly. People whom provide their service with him, said that they always chose him over anyone to cover their 6. Eddie had a beautiful sense of humor. He would light up a room with his beautiful smile. Eddie did not have a wife nor children of his own. His family survivors are his mother Maria, his older brother Freddy, his little brother Aiden and his little sister Aliziah. Eddie survivors also are his uncle Anthony whom was always in his life and aunt Lupe. These two are my siblings whom played a role in Eddie’s life since Eddie never met his father.