Port Orange, Florida
ArmyIraqDate of Birth: 1987-10-15
Date of Passing: 2011-05-27
Brian was a 23 year old soldier in Infantry 1st team , 2nd Batallion, 8th division deployed to Iraq for 15 months. During his first tour his Bradley tank was struck by an EFP and set on fire. The five in the tank were all injured. Brian suffered a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and lacerations and shrapnel to his head, face and legs.He also suffered with short term memory loss. After this incident he suffered from PTSD waking up his commrades screaming “We’re on fire”. The DoD redeployed him for a 2nd tour in 2010 and he had severe anxiety and PTSD and short term memory loss. He came home in Dec 2010 damaged and applied for disability. He had the Purple Heart and Army Commendation Medals but was given appointments to evaluate for disability 8 months later in October of 2011. He took his life May 27th, 2011 as he had lost his hope in his recovery. The VA and DoD failed him.