Carrollton, NC

Date of Birth: 1988-10-15
Date of Passing: 2014-05-24

Jonathon was an amazing man with a lot of love for life. 6 years ago we met and I knew the night we met I would marry him one day. He was everything I had always prayed for. Later that year we did in fact get married and he soon deployed this made his 2nd deployment overseas. Right before he deployed we found out I was pregnant with our first bundle of joy so we knew then he would miss the birth of our child. The deployment went on and June of the next year we welcomed Reagan Elizabeth Powell into the world we were able to red cross message Jonathon and he was able to call minutes after she was born. Later that year he came home from deployment a changed man as most of them are. The first things I noticed different was where he should be so excited about our daughter he was but he never wanted to really hold her. He then told me stories about things that happened over there and I knew I could never really understand. Few months later too much of our surprise we found out I was pregnant again. Jon was nervous but scared. The next year we welcomed Justin Scott into the world. From here Jon tried to reenlist but he was maxed out disability for PTSD and other medical issues so that wasn’t an option for him so he EAS’d and we moved to Ohio to be with his family. This was a big move for me as I had never been away from NC and my family but out of faith we moved and started our next chapter… little things discouraged Jon and he became very distant. For my birthday and Mother’s day he took the kids and I down to NC for a visit he had to come back to work I heard from him less and less each day until I finally got worried… I called his father and asked him to go check on him and that is when he found him as he had killed himself. I never pictured my life at 23 with 2 children being a widow. Life became very interesting as we had to fight the VA for 9 months for benefits that should have just been awarded immediately. It was defiantly a long road but we have been truly blessed beyond measure and want to use our time and testimony to help others in our situation… I married the man of my dreams an amazing father and husband and an even better Marine he loved his brothers in arms. May 24th will always be a hard time for us but we strive each day to stay positive and keep busy because over all he had a great love for life and he would want us happy so we keep his name alive any way we can find possible. Please if anyone needs help reach out we are here for you!