Carrollton Ohio,Flagstaff AZ
ArmyIraqDate of Birth: 1974-06-09
Date of Passing: 2010-04-10
Rick grew up in Carrollton, Ohio. He graduated in 1992 and joined the Army. After finishing 4 years in the Army he came back to Ohio and attended Kent State University. Rick was everybody’s best friend. He was always the first in line to help anyone. He loved pranks and told jokes all the time.
He loved his country, his family, his friends. He always knew he wanted to be able to help people. After his 4 years in the Army he joined the Flagstaff Police Department and was also in the National Guard in Arizona.
He was a decorated police officer and Sgt in the National Guard. He was given the rank of Staff Sgt posthumously in 2010.RememberingRick on Facebook.