Beet Island S.C.
• Iraq
Date of Birth Monday, February 26, 1979  
Date of Passing Monday, April 10, 2017

A Hero. The definition of a true Hero. That was how I his mother thought of him and everyone else that had the privilege to meet him.
Not only in life but also in death. When he shot his self that big strong heart of his never stopped beating an since he was right across from the VA he went to in hopes someone would help him. But they failed him instead. There was an off-duty nurse at the McDonald’s, and he ran to my son and got help there fast critical care yards away and Travis got to be the organ donor he always wanted to be. So yes, my Hero in life and death 🌹 Rose Tullis Travis’s mom

His one child his world a little girl
Jade Madison Tullis

Your live for you child continues to grow even in death. Therefore, so does the pain and grief. Child loss is like no other death. Time does not make it easier.